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Fall Newsletter 2023

Fall 2023 - Hi Friends:

In October, I gave a wonderful gift of a 30-year-old bottle of brandy to my son-in-law for his Birthday along with a picture and story about the brandy purchased from a distillery in Sonoma Valley. This will also be a story for a new photo book – “Family Legacies”. If you attended our “Creating a Photo Legacy Workshop” at Ella Sharp Museum, remember how I challenged each of you to give something of significance to someone along with the story?

Here is mine!

In 1993 Jack and I took a trip to San Francisco to visit his family. We went to Muir woods to see the very impressive Redwoods. We continued on to Napa Valley and stopped at several wineries for tastings. We also stopped at Carneros Alambic Distillery. No samples here! What I remember is walking into the distillery where the brandy was stored in oak barrels and smelling what they referred to as “The Angel’s Share.” It was so wonderfully aromatic. We purchased two bottles.

The first bottle was the only one opened. On rare occasions Jack would pour a small glass. I can remember him swirling it around and warming it up in his hands in his brandy glass before he sipped it.

I only tasted took a sip – a little strong for me. Please enjoy and share bottle #2!

Looking for Meaningful Holiday gifts?

Here are a few more ideas of things I have done for my family, friends and our clients:

Pick a “Best of the Best” picture for someone special and create a Canvas of it. I picked one of my twin granddaughters. It greets me every day!

Create a photo card for Christmas Card giving. Pick one or even 3-4 good photos of family and upload it to a photo site or store to create the card of your choice. Create a mug too!

Hoping something here will help you get started on creating one or more special gifts for someone special. Have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. Please let me know if I can assist you to preserve or share your photos and stories. Think ahead to 2024 with projects you wish to complete and plan to make them happen.

Marianne Behler @ 734-358-3339/


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